8.6 Million People, and i’m Lonely

The population of New York city, according to the US Census in 2017, is 8.623 million. Almost 3 million of that resides in Brooklyn, where i’m at. In a city bursting at the seams with people, crowding into matchbox apartments stacked on top of one another, you realize personal space isn’t an option. But why do I feel so lonely? There’s no shortage of people and plenty of public space, but there’s a lack of connection.

For those of you that don’t really know me, the only time I’ve lived on my own, without my parents, was in College and I only lived roughly 20-30 minutes away by car. Plus, I lived with a friend and had my cat to snuggle with when I had a hard day. It was like a test run of adult-hood. I’m currently staying with my fiance, who works constantly (good for you babe! GET THAT MONEY!) , and my days are filled with job interviews or exploring. Alone. The friends I DO have here are all working and don’t have time to hang out. And I don’t have my cat, he’s currently living his best life in Colorado with a friend of mine. I’m hoping I can adopt a furry friend in my new place but I can’t get my hopes up. You never know who’s allergic or hates animals.

You don’t realize how busy your family is until they never call you, or can’t answer when you do. They have lots going on, and I’m not seeing them everyday around dinner or in the morning before things get hectic. I have myself, and my thoughts (yikes).

I’m debating posting this because it’s a little drab for my taste, but it’s a reality. Moving away is lonely. It’s teaching me so much and i’m really breaking out of my shell. I’m experiencing major growing pains and sometimes acting crazy, neurotic, or all of the above.

Moving to a new city is always scary, and you really do meet the most friends at your job. So i’m excited to start my first day at this chic consignment store in Brooklyn. The pay isn’t great, but i’m waiting on another job offer from a dance studio in Manhattan.

I guess I just wanted space to work out how I’m feeling and figure out what I really want and why I feel a little empty on the inside. Because we’re all human, and we get a little lonely sometimes. Even in a city of 8 million.

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