My First “retraction”??

Last time I posted, it was all about me looking for a job and I was about to head off to my first day at work. So here’s the deal, I got fired. Wednesday I had the interview, Wednesday evening I was hired, Thursday morning I started, and Thursday night I was fired. Over text, mind you.

I had come down with a pretty bad cold, could be a flu but i’m not sure. I don’t have health insurance so it’s not like I can go check. I came into my first day completely sick and, to put it plainly, gross. I was coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose every five minutes. The type of sick where your sinuses keep your eyes from opening clearly, and talking becomes so painful you just want to rip out your larynx. The type of sick where you seem to have the most space on a crowded subway car because NO ONE wants to breathe your air. Co-workers didn’t want to be near me, and customers definitely tried to avoid me. I’ve always been afraid of causing trouble or being looked at as lazy, so I’ve pushed through some terrible illnesses to be at work and keep a job I hated. But I had been growing in confidence, and I was great at this job. I asked the manager if I could leave an hour earlier and just come in an hour early the next day. Because, you know, I had snot draining down my face. He said he wouldn’t care, but I wasn’t allowed to come in early.

One of the girls that worked at the desk said it was close enough to 7:00 and I could probably go. This woman was a friend of my manager, so I trusted her and left. Shortly after leaving the spa I received a text from my manager saying “Hi Amber, I’m sorry but this is not a good fit. I wish you the best. Gary.” I got dumped over text. I then proceeded to ask him why I was let go, if there was something I did. But no response.

This position gave you five days of unpaid training. If they decided to keep you on staff after those five days, you would be compensated for them. So I will not be making any money off those 7 hours that I worked. At first I thought it made sense, this place was terribly run and I wouldn’t blame anyone for not making it past their first day. Hell, I almost didn’t come back after my break, but I needed the money. I figured this guy does this so he’s not paying people who will just leave. But after I noticed that he was interviewing girl after girl, and constantly calling people to hire them, It clicked. If this man wanted to, he could just keep hiring and firing people without paying them and essentially get free workers. In a place like Manhattan, people are always looking for jobs, so there wouldn’t be a shortage of applicants.

I was kicking myself for falling for something like that, and also having the audacity to ask if I could leave early. I also couldn’t believe I LISTENED when the manager and his trusted colleague said I could. So here’s my rookie mistake number 1: Don’t ask to go home early on your first day unless you’re physically vomiting blood.

Number 2: Don’t take a job if there’s an entire week of unpaid training. Your time is better spent finding a job that will PAY YOU for the hours worked.

So here’s my first ego hit since being here. I knew New York was tough, but she likes to humble you out too. So here’s to more applications and job searching.

3 thoughts on “My First “retraction”??

  1. What a horrible place to work! I guess consider yourself lucky, but it’s hard to tell your ego that. Remember, as the gem must be polished, so you too must have trials. Or something like that, lol!
    A. Jenny


  2. It’s a tough lesson to learn. There’s so many job openings and so many people looking for jobs, and these small businesses use that as a way to create a revolving doors of employees. That means no benefits paid out. And if that time period consist of “unpaid training” then wages aren’t paid.
    My advice, as a “former” New Yorker is to find a government job. Either with the state, city, or federal government. If there are few prospects that align with your “authentic” self, try working for organizations like YMCA or other nonprofits. Another reason to look into these jobs is that based on your schooling and experience, they have to pay you a certain wage.
    Best of luck

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